These esoteric tool parts litter my grandfather’s place in Massachusetts. He spent a lifetime painting them. I still don’t really know their function. They were so menacing to me when I was a boy but I find them comforting in the old world opaqueness of their purpose. Some ancient New England.
Spend time trying to figure out why my first reaction when a fly lands on me is to kill it. It doesn’t have to be that way. When did it start?
I made a video for RADAR radio by Anteloper (Jaimie Branch & Jason Nazary) that came out in June on International Anthem. The footage is from the roof and street near my old place in Harlem. I didn’t know it at the time I got commissioned but this was to be the last thing I finished there. My goal was to get away from content or any sort of trend in aesthetics to just focus on color. You always run up against feeling stock. I feel like my thought to action ratio on this piece was tough. March-May 2020 was a tough stretch. It must be in there somewhere.
Motorcycle Chumps.
they are not wrong.